Can Alprazolam toxicity add years to brain age? Effects of Xanax

Alprazolam is a drug that is used with a prescription to treat panic disorders and anxiety disorders but in short-term mode only. But, it can also work as a treatment for panic disorder for an extended time, specifically in the extended-release drug form. These tablets can also come as an immediate-release drug and in the form of an oral solution. (Learn about effects of Xanax)

This drug appears in both prescription and generic forms, though its brand-names are more popular. These options are Xanax XR, Alprazolam Intensol, and Xanax. You can order Xanax cod online, but show the doctor’s permission first. In the generic form, this drug is in an oral tablet structure, named Iprazolam. The latter does not cost too much and can give both low-intensity and high-intensity effect. It treats the mentioned disorders but as a side-effect can also affect brain age.

How to use Alprazolam?

Alprazolam works in two ways- immediate-release and extended-release. In the former case, the effects of Xanax work in the bloodstream in a quicker manner after release. On the other hand, the latter type of release starts working inside the bloodstream slowly. To be specific, this type is only used in the treatment of panic disorder in patients. Moreover, the drug works as a combination drug, i.e., it is prescribed with other drugs.

Effects of Xanax on brain

There are many Xanax side effects, both from long-term use and short-term use. The former is more related to brain activity and can cause it to deteriorate. This causes patients to have difficulty in focusing on anything and muscle coordination too. They cannot speak properly and many other psychological issues appear.

Over time, the drug affects the brain cells in the wrong way and influences their behavior and lifestyle. Patients start having suicidal thoughts and get angry more easily. They lose a lot of inhibitions too, having unsafe sexual activities, fighting with people, and caring less for risk avoidance. Paranoia, depression, and confusion are other brain age effects of Xanax you would notice after long-term Alprazolam use.

This is why it is recommended to not buy Xanax without prescription as doctors would set dosages as per your body requirements. Plus, they can tell you how to reduce the dosage slowly over time, removing the chances of withdrawal symptoms to appear. Overuse of this drug can cause addiction to it, and weaning off results in anxiety symptoms to appear again.

Safety and Dosage of Xanax

After you buy Xanax online, you have to follow as per the dosage you are designated. Alprazolam is taken as an oral tablet with 0.25 mg, 2 mg, 1 mg, and 0.5 mg strength diversity. The same goes for Xanax, in case of anxiety. The highest dosage is 4 mg per day, and the doctor would divide it throughout the single day. Doctors also increase the dosage after 3-4 days continuously until it effects you perfectly, and decreases by 0.5 mg after 3 days each during remission.

For panic disorder, you would get an oral immediate-release Xanax or Alprazolam tablet of 2 mg, 1 mg, 0.5 mg, or 0.25 mg strength. The dosage begins at 0.5 mg thrice a day, increases by 1 mg per 3-4 days, maxes 10 mg in divided timings and then drops by 0.5 mg each 3-4 days interval.